Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Design Team Scrap-Yourself

I am sooo excited the new team has been chosen for SY!! This was a really hard job!! I think we did a pretty good one tho!!

I going to party for the ladies in their excitment! Also it is my BIRTHDAY!!! So thankful to God for allowing me another year of LIFE!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello My Friends!!
So excited to see I have 11 followers!! Yay that make me HAPPY!! Well I been super busy these day!!  With my new leadership role over at Scrap-yourself !! Which is still kinda amazing to ME!! We are on the hunt for a fresh crop of ladies to join our DT!! I am sooo amazed by the talent of some of the DT apps!! I had some time to play and scrap myself !! Here are a few of my lasted creation!! I hope they inspire YOU!!!!
                                         Mr.Stormy Knight at Solider Field in Chicago

                                        This is three generation of Knight women! Grandmother
                                                      Coleman is 106 years young!!
Happy Scrappin My  Friends,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Exciting NEWS!!!

Okay I had a wonderful Weekend! ! Our family did our annual apple orchard trip,so much FUN!! Love it when the weather work out for US here in Minnesota! Although it a cold one today! Okay on to the Great news!!!!DRUMROLL....................

I will be publish in the FIRST Cricut Magazine!! I cannot tell you how excited I was OMGoodness!! Can you tell I just a little giddy :) ! This is my first pub so I am just grateful REALLY grateful..

Okay it gets even better WAIT for it!! Your looking at the new site leader for Scrap-Yourself!! Yay another really awesome thing to be sooooo GRATEFUL for!! Scrap-Yourself self is super neat site because it is all about you! We spend so much time scrappin other we forget the scrapper You& Me!! So I really enjoy the site.. You have to come on over and play with US!!

Okay friends talk to you soon !! More news to come I cannot wait to share with you !!