Monday, October 4, 2010

Exciting NEWS!!!

Okay I had a wonderful Weekend! ! Our family did our annual apple orchard trip,so much FUN!! Love it when the weather work out for US here in Minnesota! Although it a cold one today! Okay on to the Great news!!!!DRUMROLL....................

I will be publish in the FIRST Cricut Magazine!! I cannot tell you how excited I was OMGoodness!! Can you tell I just a little giddy :) ! This is my first pub so I am just grateful REALLY grateful..

Okay it gets even better WAIT for it!! Your looking at the new site leader for Scrap-Yourself!! Yay another really awesome thing to be sooooo GRATEFUL for!! Scrap-Yourself self is super neat site because it is all about you! We spend so much time scrappin other we forget the scrapper You& Me!! So I really enjoy the site.. You have to come on over and play with US!!

Okay friends talk to you soon !! More news to come I cannot wait to share with you !!



  1. Congratulations being publish in the First Cricut Magazine. What a beautiful family.

  2. Congrats, Mama! You deserve it, Cricut Queen!!!

  3. Kudos to you Chalese. What an honor! Your work speaks for itself. The best is yet to come