Sunday, November 21, 2010

Appreciate the small things

Hi Everyone
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Well here in Minnesota it has been icy and cold!! The roads are super bad !! Went to dinner last night and it liberally took us 3 hours to get home!! We thanked God all the way home. I first thought the hubby was exaggerating a bit about the roads!!! He was telling the TRUTH and nothing but!! I have never seen my hubby scared... Last night he was and so was I! Being in that kinda of situation makes you think and reflect! We take so many things for granted?? Well today I going to embrace and appreciate the small thing in life!! I leave you with a sweet layout I did of my dear friend Theresa, really love this lady and all she has brought into my LIFE!!!!

                                                      My dear friend T
                                                                  Close -up dress form

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toot Toot Great News

I received the best e-mail last night!! Okay remember I told you all how bummed I was because I missed the deadline for the Scrap of Color DT call???? Well I  e-mailed SOC team and asked if I could still send in my work!! The team had already been chosen.. :( But they said send it in anyway, you never know!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! Because you are now looking at (well not physically) the Creative Team member for Scrap of Color E:spire!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This really mean alot to me!! This site is dedicated to women of color and I appreciate that!! So many wonderful talented women!! It is nice to see yourself represented !! I am like super happy this morning!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scrappy Saturday

In my previous post I expressed how I was BUMMED OUT!!! I really worked super hard all day to create some yummy designs!!! I missed the deadline!! I have to think POSITIVE right?? I had a whole day to play and at the end of the day I must say.... Well I ENJOYED myself :) Here are my creation TFL
I love this paper by Memory Works!! Super easy to play with!! Stormy and Gabby in the backyard !
Stormy first day of kindergarten!! Look at the first the pic someone is still sleepy!! LOL  I love this one.. I got super messy felt great too!! Love it when I scrap with paint and ink makes the lo pop too me!! What do you think???

This my Stormy at the Apple Orchard this year !! I love the way this turned out!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kinda Bummed OUT!!!

OMGoodness I have been scrappin all DAY!! You know WHY??? I really wanted to try out for this super cool DT!! And of course I missed the deadline!! I thought the deadline was 11/14 UGHHHH!!! It was 11/12 SMH!!! So disappointed!!! I did e-mail the ladies over at Scrap of Color!! Oh you never know!!! I will share my designs tomorrow, had some lighting issues tonight!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet the Team

Meet our new Design Team!!! These ladies are super talented!! Cannot wait to start working with them!! Our first challenge will be scrap-yourself from A-Z!! Come check it out and play along with US!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Update and MORE!!!

Woot Woot!! I have 18 followers!! So excited you know what that mean?? Chalese you need to start posting Girl :) I had a wonderful 36th Birthday!! I felt like a princess being whisked away with my Knight!!

Okay Big Daddy took me to a cute Urban hotel downtown Minneapolis!! I felt like I was 19 ( you know that is the very age I met him) So Yes it has been 16 year that we have been together!! Sixteen birthday shared with one special guy!!

We were not Tardy for the Party either let me tell ya!! My Good friends husband is a chef!! Yes and his food is YUM-O really it is!!! Salmon, Veggies and Mixed green salad w/ feta !! It was a LOVELY meal!! After my amazing meal off for some dancing and a couple of glasses of wine!! Maybe more then a couple!! It's My Birthday Ladies LOL!!! All I can say is I am extremely Thankful to the Lord for letting me live to see 36 years!! As long as I put my life in God  hand my life will be GOOD!!!!

I leave you with a little  Birthday LO of ME!!!!