Sunday, December 26, 2010

It T'was was Very Merry Christmas!!

Hello My Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! May the New Year bring blessing and Peace to you and your family!! Well it T'was a very Merry Christmas in the Knight house Baby!! Yes, I was so excited when I open my gift!!

First, let me tell you I have been LUSTING after this baby for a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggg time!! Really I always tell my husband I just might Love my Canon just a bit more!! LOL!! My camera of choice is Canon I just love my result when shooting with this BABY!!! I just might be committing adultery with this beautiful black man! Oh no I mean camera yea that's it!! LOL Anyway let me stop I getting All worked up!! ;)

Well My Daddy aka Hubby came through BIG time for me this year!! Look at my new Baby, Not sure what I will call  him yet!!

Yes my new Digital Canon T2i!! Yes I am screaming very LOUD!!! I was super happy all day!! You know I must say, I was certainly was not thinking about the kids after I ripped this Baby open!! This camera is truly Amazing I cannot wait to learn, play, and discover my new TOY!!! I hope you all were as, happy on Christmas morning !!



  1. Congrats Chalese!! I got this for Christmas too! I was upgrading from the Rebel XS. I was so excited! :) I hope you love it! Have fun playing with your new toy! :)

  2. FABULOUSSSSSSSSSS chalese!!! :)